2023 Joe Stephenson Park Conceptual Design Process

Bayfield Parks

The Town of Bayfield is currently working on the Joe Stephenson Park Conceptual Design.

A huge THANK YOU to our community for completing the survey, and providing town staff with valuable direction.  In total, we received 369 surveys! The results of those submissions were compiled into a PowerPoint Presentation that was presented to the Bayfield Planning Commission and the Board of Trustees, and the link below will take you to that PowerPoint Presentation.  Please note, the write in comments were consolidated into categories, and only comments that were made more than once are shown.  However, we are taking all of the comments received into consideration as we come up with the final design. So if you don't see your comment, know that it was received and is absolutely being considered.  

There are links below to the two concept plans Option A & Option B and aerial photos taken of Eagle Park, Joe Stephenson Park, the Pine River Senior Center, 23.8 Acre Riverbank Parcel, and the Wastewater Treatment Plant Parcel.   

On Tuesday, August 15, 2023, the Board of Trustees approved the Final Conceptual Park Design for Joe Stephenson Park (see attached below) based on community input.  Town staff will continue to work with the park consultants to add phasing to the park plan and get preliminary cost estimates.